Friday, June 4, 2010

Repurposed Cement

Casey's view through the gate.

A few years ago the city was tearing up the sidewalks near my house. I saw a huge pile of cement chunks waiting to be thrown away, and asked if I could have them. They said Sure!, but then I was stuck trying to figure out how to get them to my house. I called my landscaper and asked him if his workers would like a side job, and he sent them over. For some reason they refused to be paid to place the cement slabs into a walkway. ( I think they thought that I had lost my mind) so I did what I do best, and put together a huge lunch buffet in my back yard with cold drinks an to-go boxes of treats! My grouchy next door neighbor told my dad that he hated it! NO VISION! I hate that!
I stained the concrete, and over time it wore off a little, and it looks great!! The season starts with purple penstamon that I let go to seed and re-sprinkle it every year, and then the white diasies come next. I love my walkway, what a better way to save cement from the landfill! (My parents did the same thing in their back yard and it looks great!)



  1. Love it! does purple penstamon grow in zone 9?
    Is it a wild flower?

  2. I think it should grow in zone 9. I will save some seeds for you!

  3. I think it's GORGEOUS! We just paid A LOT of money for flagstone that looks very similar to yours to achieve this look for our paths and a patio!

    I agree... your neighbor has no vision. His loss! ;)