Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hotter than You-Know-Where

Pizza on the grill
Grilled Dogs
Homemade Cherry Garcia!
Herbs from my garden

If it can't be created outdoors on the grill, or plugged in outside we aren't having it. Denver is notorious for temperature swings and holy moly Summer showed up this week. We hit 94 yesterday one day after the electric company went to a "tiered billing system". In order to keep out bill in the realm of "normal" I decided to take it outside! I hate the blinds closed, (HATE IT) but I've turned this house into a vampire's den. It is just toooo hot! I grew up in the hottest spot in California, where the electric company held everyone hostage, so my parents would tell us to "open your window to cool off" yeah right. I've always wondered how to threaten your children with the fires of hell when it couldn't be much worse than getting into your car after it has sat in the sun for an hour or two, or sliding down a metal slide at school!! I used to drive my stick shift with an oven mitt (no lie) because it was metal and you couldn't touch it with your bare hands! Now that is HOT!!
Who said you don't need air conditioning in Denver? You are a big fat liar my friend.


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  1. I'm scared! We are all wearing shorts and tshirts here and it is 60 degrees... we might just keel over and die if it ever hits 80!
    I remember my Bug had a metal stick shift also. Hot to the hot hot! I complained to my dad once about getting a/c in the Bug and he said I already had it... 250 a/c. That is 2 windows down going 50 mph. :P