Friday, June 11, 2010

Clean Fridge and Messy Brain

*I was in a car accident that took away my sense of time......okay now keep reading.

I have always wondered about those people with nothing in their refrigerators. You know the ones on MTV Cribs that just have Cristal Champagne, diet coke, and maybe some mustard or hot sauce. Mine is jammed FULL. So the other day I decided enough was enough and I had to clean that bad boy out. I was chucking stuff into the garbage that no longer resembled food in any form. Ick! How did that get shoved so far back in there?

Then came the expiration dates. What?..... How are you supposed to know how to figure that out? My son was in the room so I had to ask him, "is Oct. 10 coming or have we passed it? March isn't June right? The first few questions he just answered without thinking. Then he turns around and says, "Mom!" as if I'm asking about his personal life or something, and then he goes into this soliloquy about the workings of a calendar. Here's what I heard. "If a train leaves the station at 12:30 travelling 45 miles an hour........." You get the point. I know how a calendar WORKS, I just can't figure out how it works for me. You know in a movie where the guy is working on a math problem in a classroom that takes up three chalkboards, well that's how I feel when someone tells me to write down the date, or if I have to figure out a FUTURE or PAST date. (how do you know what year that was or is? do you memorize it?) I was trying to explain why I didn't get it, and he is sitting there with this look of complete confusion, and I think of my cousin Lisa saying that it sounds like I'm on drugs and I'm trying to explain these crazy thoughts to a sober person trying to get them to understand. That is EXACTLY the problem. Only I'm completely sober, but my brain is confused at the moment. CRAZY.

It's okay, the doctors hope that I'll figure it all out in time, and all things considered is it really that important to know the year? Ohhhh not really. All of this because I was trying to clean out the refrigerator.



  1. i think that is the prefect excuse to NEVER clean out the fridge.

  2. ok now I'm confused.. So did you ever clean out the fridge?? lol I kid I kid.

  3. Crazy has become a term of endearment... at least in my head! lol

  4. Don't stress.

    I think we all regret the past, and worry about the future way too much...

    Just live in the present.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean