Tuesday, December 22, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

Okay, so I'm lounging by the pool at the health club, when a woman walks by in the cutest retro bathing suit ever. It looked like an old fashioned postcard of California. Now I grew up in Central California and I love all things retro so I (very) sweetly say,
"Oh, I love your bathing suit, where did you find it!"
She shrugs and says,
"Oh this is really old, I don't know." and turns around.
(I was going to mention to all marathon runners, who work out more than they should, that if they aren't careful they will grow hair on their face, but I won't 'cause I'm nice.)
Moving along, I go home, check the mail, get the 4 thousandth Victoria Secret catalog that month, open it up and there it is! The cute bathing suit!!
Liar!! Why do you ask, am I telling you this? I bought the matching sarong and framed it for my dining room, and I love it!
(Don't tell fibs, 'cause you might grow extra hair where you don't want it. Just saying.)


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  1. no kidding! Why would you lie about something like that? It is so cute though! Great idea!