Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tabletop Menorah

I used mismatched candlesticks to create a tabletop Menorah. ( I bought them at my favorite boutique, you may have heard of it?....The Goodwill) I picked them up all in one trip! I think that it turned out pretty cute. Normally the candles would not be lit all at once, but since it is just a table decoration I lit them for the picture.
This year our boys are very fortunate, their grandmother will join us for a Hanukkah dinner, and my parents will be here during Christmas. The boys and I normally go to my parents house to celebrate Christmas, but this year they are coming to us. Hooray! Now I can decorate for both. Now that our boys are older, the "Holiday Dilemma" is a little easier to deal with. The holidays can be a little tricky, and we don't normally celebrate Christmas in our house, BUT since my parents are coming I think doing both will be fun for everyone! Finally a White Christmas, and not a California Foggy Christmas! We can't wait.