Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa's Workshop

This is how you travel in my neck of the woods. That's Missy my next-door-neighbor. You can see her Christmas tree from my bedroom window. Very pretty!

She brought some delicious ingredients over for the school bake sale. This is my reaction to her mad kitchen skills. (or lack thereof. )
We had the Christmas tunes cranked, wore my cute aprons, (Thanks Lisa K.!)

Made some dee-licious Christmas treats...

And had a few disasters. These look pretty but they didn't turn out right. Missy claims that, "I used all of the right ingredients, but I didn't put them in the right order, does that matter?"

You be the judge.

I'm nice so I won't show you the picture where I photoshopped a holiday tattoo on her. I am so lucky to have great neighbors!! (Except for the one who calls the cops if kids play too close to her house. No Joke.)


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