Saturday, December 5, 2009

Crazy Dreams

Our entire family are a crazy-dreaming, sleep-walking, sleep-talking, mess. Even the dog howls in the night while she sleeps. It makes for exciting nights around here!
A few nights ago I had the craziest dream EVER. I was on a cruise, and I met this nice lady. She invited our family to sit at their table for dinner so she could introduce our two families. We go sit down and in she walks with her two kids and her husband.....yeah that mean orangutan from "The Planet of the Apes". So I'm thinking, am I the only one that noticed that her husband is an ape? No, he didn't favor an ape, he was one. To make matters worse, he had a bad orange hair comb-over.
Then, if that wasn't crazy enough he whipped out a guitar and began to sing church songs, really badly. There is nothing worse than a person singing to me and I don't know where to look, and I'm feeling uncomfortable, and he is an APE!
Whew, it was a long night.


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  1. I cant stop laughing....That made my day after working on a grant all morning. Thanks!!