Thursday, December 24, 2009

Family Stone

Do you love Family Stone? (After all this time I finally just got the title...) I watched it last night, and it is a Holiday Movie, but lets get something clear... the dinner table scene is enough to put me in a home for a month. I'm cringing I want to shout out SHUT UP! STOP NOW! AAaargghhh! Holy Moly!
Everyone knows my motto is, "It isn't Christmas until someone is crying in the bathroom!"
Our holidays are tame, for the most part, thank goodness. Watch this movie it is completely "Cringe-worthy".

Speaking of which, my son had "the dreaded H1N1" and watched all 10 seasons of Seinfeld in one week. So at Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house, he says,
"Hey Mom, What is Sponge-worthy again?"

1 comment:

  1. yes, that movie makes me nervous! Too funny about Sponge worthy! My kids love watching The Office and I had to stop Garrett and Griffin from saying "I want some manmeat" out loud in McD's!