Friday, September 18, 2009

Whole Wheat Pizza

Do you read NieNieDialogues ? You should. She is a sweet mom in Utah that was in a terrible plane crash a year ago, but is reocovering well at home. She has an amazing spirit that reminds you that everyday is a gift. I used the recipe from her site.

Whole Wheat Pizza

2-¾ whole-wheat flour
2 tablespoons olive oil
1-teaspoon salt
1 packet of yeast

Dissolve packet of yeast into 1-cup warm water with ¼ teaspoon sugar,(I used honey) let sit for 7 minutes (or until risen)
Mix flour, olive oil and yeast mixture with dough hook. For about 5 minutes.
Place in oiled bowl. Cover with plastic wrap in warm spot for about 1 hour (or desired risen state)
Roll out and add toppings. Cook for 17-18 minutes on 475 (those are my oven settings anyway) (You can also just throw them on a hot grill)

I made 4 individual pizzas with this recipe. I put together some toppings for the boys to make their own and then I put them on the grill for dinner.

This is what I usually hear on "Make Your Own Pizza Night" Do we have to make our own? Can't you do it? I'll be right back, will you make mine for me? Can we just call Anthony's and have them deliver next time? Is it because they are teen age boys? Give me a little girl who likes to cook please!


  1. Yummy! We have homemade pizza every Saturday. Reidar is in charge of that and I have no desire to take it over! A day off for me! We have never pizza on the grill before. Do you just lay them on foil? It is cold already so I haven´t had a problem with heating up the kitchen with the oven.

  2. You can use foil, but I just slide it onto a hot grill. Make sure you have cornmeal under the pizza so it will slide easily. I miss you winka!

  3. Sounds great...Had a free night to blog hop and enjoyed yours. Hope you will stop by new Christmas blog ...There is a great giveaway that I will draw for on Oct 1st and all you need to do to enter is comment. Hope you have a great weekend.