Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rabbi Steven Foster

There is a great article in the Denver Post today about our friend Rabbi Steven Foster. This will be his last Yom Kippur on the bimah (pulpit) for our synagogue. He made our family feel so welcome when we moved to Denver ten years ago. He really is the sweetest man, with a huge heart and respect for all faiths. (Throw in some MAJOR controvery as well, he LOVES to stir it up around here!) He is open to all religions and makes everyone feel at home in his prescence. He was battling Leukemia this summer, but thank G-d he is in remission. My extended family had the opportunity to meet him at my older son's Bar Mitzvah. I think they felt included and appreciated by him. I know they did. That says a lot about my family for their understanding, and Rabbi Foster for his.

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  1. That was beautiful!
    I wore today the bee pin you bought me one mothers day when you were in college and I feel you with me.
    My best wishes to Rabbi Foster.