Monday, September 21, 2009

Did I just think that?

So I'm trying to operate with a brain that isn't functioning well. I used to get upset and now I just have to laugh with the craziness of it all. Here is an example. The other day my husband said:

"How old is your dad?"

I said, "Well, my mom is 40, so my dad must be 44 or 45."

It took me a few minutes to realize that my math was a little off. I'm 41. On the bright side, my mother was thrilled that I thought she was 40!

Numbers and time still seem to allude me, but I'm working on it! I practice the date by writing it out every morning. The written way and then the numbers. That sounds so ridiculous, until you lose your ability to know what day it is. Crazy I know.


  1. It does sound crazy! I´m glad that you are trying not to let it upset you. The training you are doing is helping everyday. You can think an age for me and I´ll go with it. ;)

    How is Brock feeling? Your soup sounded yummy!

  2. He's much better thank you! I'm so happy that you are commenting on my blog! WEEEEEE!