Friday, September 25, 2009

Product Review

I seriously love laundry. I'm not joking. I love to fold, to iron, a nice laundry room the whole thing. It may sound crazy to some of you. But that's just me. Moving on....As much as I love laundry, I have a very sensitive nose when it comes to laundry detergent and fabric softener. (My favorite commenter LeeLee can agree) I like a HINT of freshness not a Pacific Breeze of fake pineapple stench. So, I was so excited to see this Bounce Bar of delicious smelling clean laundry. AHHHhhhhhh.
And then I attached it to the dryer as instructed. My house smelled soo clean and delightful.

Fast forward three loads. What the heck was all over my black jeans? Hey is that an entire clump of dryer delicious freshness on my slipcover?

Out it came and got transferred to the wall of the mudroom closet. Now it can't undo all of my fabulous laundry skills. I do not endorse the Bounce Dryer bar unless you like gunked-up laundry that you have to re-wash. However it smells delicious and I plan on using it for the stinky mudroom closet. So all is not lost. Sorry Bounce. (clearly I was not paid for my opinion.)


  1. That was a great way to "reuse" the fresh smelling gunk. And yes, totally get the smell thing. I can´t open a can of corn without flashing back to a certain taxi cab in NYC!

  2. Its true she loves to iron. crazy! This is not head injury induced and she didnt get it from me.

  3. I don´t love to iron either! Reidar probably criticized my work once and from then on it was his job. He is slowly but surely learning to keep his trap shut! lol

  4. Bummer! I was all excited at first, thinking I had found a new scent. I am totally sensitive to smells too, but too bad about the gunk! :)