Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WIWW The Cowboy Boot Edition

Hey! I'm going to Alt Summit....Will you be there?
These red cowboy boots are my #1 Pick for 2010

as the BEST Goodwill Purchase EVER.

White Button Down (G-Dub)

Lucky Jeans (G-Dub)

Red Cowboy Boots-(can't find a brand) (G-Dub)
*I want to wear these boots every day.

Puffy Vest -Tar-jay 2 years ago

Sweater NY&Co.

Shirt (?)

Old Navy Skinnies (G-Dub)
Boots- Perry Ellis (G-Dub)

Black T-Shirt Macy's

Brow Sweater (G-Dub)

Belt -Ann Taylor Loft -

(it cost more than the rest of the entire outfit-

Thank you to my MIL for the gift card!)

Old Navy Skinnies

Justin Black Cowboy Boots -Cowboy Shop in Steamboat Springs, CO


This is my cousin Lisa (LeeLee) she is about a foot taller than me.... and my brother David rockin the cowboy boots at my 22nd birthday party. Lisa is wearing a crochet dress with leggings and boots similar to my last picture.....but this was 22 years ago!!!! What?

*....where did she get the super long leg gene?



  1. O.M.G!!!!! I LOVED that outfit! Grandpa gave me those boots...well, he gave me one... I had to buy the other. ;) Look how young David and I look... I totally remember that night. Wow

    love love love all you outfits too! Question? Do you wear your shoes in the house or is it just for photo ops? I just can't go there with the shoes in the house!

  2. I do wear shoes in the house....I don't know why......I like to be able to make a quick get-away I guess!

  3. you are beautiful! and i love the red cowboy boots!!

  4. Ok jealous I want red cowboy boots and you found them at GW, no way great find! Your outfits are so cute!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I know you are a thrifter, so I'll let you know the peacoat was $30. Love the boots!

  6. You are so beautiful . . . are you tired of hearing that? Anyway, I love the first outfit the most, simply because it is all from the Goodwill. You are the Goddess of Goodwill. Great post. I've been searching for boots. No luck. I think an alternate geographical location will play a role in my success. Happy Wednesday!

  7. Love your red boots and I would totally wear them everyday!!! I love the comparison...makes you want to hold onto all of it huh?



  8. Oh my gosh! I think your brother's boots are Tony Lama's..I still have my pair..purchased 28 (!!) years ago..they were $100+ then,,but I will NEVER part with them..they fit like a the snake skin toe..hope to be buried in mine..

  9. You are rocking girl. Awesome score on the boots. I too have a fav pair of shoes from Goodwill, unbelievable for a couple bucks what can make us happy.

  10. You got those boots at Goodwill?? I can never find good deals there. I am often motivated by blogs to hunt and then have no success. Maybe time of day?

  11. Aren't you just the cutest!! Love the boots, you rock them!!

  12. i'm amazed with the red boots! goodwill? really? so cool!

  13. Cute outfits! I mentioned you on my blog today! You are my Goodwill inspiration for thrifting in 2011. Can't wait to hang out with you again!

  14. I'm in love with those red boots too girl!!!

  15. OMG, your cousin and I have the same sweater. I mean HAD the same sweater. I think I wore it with a long peace sign necklace and an oversized flannel and doc martens and walkman with a Debbie Gibson tape (TAPE!) ....Wow, that was a hot look.

    Have fun lookin so dang cute at the Alt Summit. Be sure to report back, I'm anxious to hear!

    PS: Your comment about Giada DeLurentis the cookie cutter made me spit out my diet coke laughing! You are so right! She has crazy short arms. This makes me slightly happy, you know. She is so pretty and talented and has a gorgeous little baby and husband...blah blah blah...perfect, perfect, perfect with PERFECTLY SHORT ARMS. Ha!!!

  16. Wow you're my Goodwill idol!

  17. You are an incredible goodwill shopper. Love the boots, they make me think of Footloose!