Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve Party

We hosted a family-style New Year's Eve Party at my house on Friday night. It was a last minute switch of venue from a friend's house to mine. (long Earlier in the day I found this blog called Focal Point and it was talking about a great family New Year's Eve Party that her parents had in their New Jersey basement in the 70's. I loved the old photos and how she described her fond memories. It made me think about how my grandmother used to throw these lavish family parties and I wanted to make our small family and friend gathering just a little above casual with some memory-making flair.

So what did I do first? Run to the G-Dub of course for some vintage champagne glasses. They only hold a few ounces which is perfect for Sparkling Cider or a few sips of the bubbly. This was a family/kid party remember?

I found nine and threw them into a little bleach water and then into the dishwasher. These aren't family heirlooms so If something gets a little scratched up in the dishwasher I don't really care too much.

I pulled out my white china, vintage ice buckets (G-Dub) and fancy party hats (yes, G-Dub in the package still) YES I bought the party blowers new....I'm not that crazy!

It was a fun night with delicious food (thanks Surai!) games, and a little Dick Clark to count down the new year. It was really fun to be with friends and family safe at home. It was fun for both kids and adults!!
I hope your New Year's Eve was safe and fun! Here's to 2011!
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