Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashionable Friday

Kris at A Thrifty LA Life is doing a link up called Fabulously Thrift and Fashionable Friday. So here is my favorite Goodwill Fashion File of last year.

My friend Ellen is wearing Goodwill from Head to Toe! (I know this because I was her personal shopper!) I love it that my friends indulge my obsession with the G-Dub! The dress, faux fur collar, and shoes...dang it not in the picture....ALL from G-Dub.
Ciggie...NOT REAL....The dress I am wearing cost a whopping $2.50 on half off day. (I put the tag in again for the photo op....because I'm obsessed that's why.

I added the sash and brooches to dress it up!

Vintage Camel Coat with Fur Collar.....Goodwill in Lafayette, CO. Score!!!
Purple tag= half off.....I'm not kidding. $6.50. I am the Goodwill Whisperer.
Go to A Thrifty LA Life and check out the other Goodwill Fans out there!



  1. You're one smokin' hot G-Dub girl! Great link ups. You put me to shame!!! : )

  2. Beautiful! Very glam. You'd never think it's all from the Goodwill!

  3. So beautiful! I love this whole style. I found a black vintage faux fur coat at Goodwill that I haven't worn on my blog yet, but this makes me want to get busy with that!

    Great finds.

  4. I can't say LOVE IT any louder! I thrift head to toe too - and you are just as cute as a button! Thanks for stopping by me olde blog.