Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm learning how to play Mahjong. This is not a drop in game that you can just "pick up". My girlfriend Lisa K. hired a Mahjong teacher, and she comes to my house every friday morning and guides us through the game. She is NO NONSENSE! (which is kind of hard because all of the ladies here are FULL of Nonsense!) My favorite part, aside from the snacks, is how someone will mention Rummy Tiles, and our teacher will say, "This is NOT rummy tiles!" duly noted, ma'am. (then we give eachother "the look" and try not to laugh out loud.)

My mom said that she played a few times when we were kids. Which seems strange because it seems like such an East Coast thing to do. I do remember my friend Cindy's mom setting the table with Brach's Bridge Mix, which we tried so hard to sneak! The game went so fast, 3 Crack, 4 Bam......

Now I'm learning!! It's fun. My 16 yr. old came in and was making fun of all of the New York and New Jersey accents going on!

Do you play?



  1. Sounds like fun! I've played online but I have a feeling that it isn't anything like the real thing.

    I just bought Rummy Tile for the kids for Christmas. I love that game but no one will play with me. Guess I'm just too clever. ;)

  2. I was just telling my friends how playing against you was the worst because you could always figure out my hand!