Friday, May 7, 2010

Good News...

The Good News is that my son lasted 3 whole weeks before he damaged the car. The Other Good News is that he left a very sweet note on the OTHER car that he hit in the school parking lot. More Good News! We know the girl that he "bumped", and her parents are being very sweet about it.

The BEST NEWS OF ALL!! I found a therapist that can see me next week!!

How was your week?


  1. TOO FUNNY!! I lived it, with 3 teenage boys at the same time : ) We had an older FULL SIZED van that they drove when starting out..NO they were not cool, & No they did not really like it, BUT they were the biggest car in the school parking lot. My husband always said, at least they won't be the ones getting hurt in the eventual accident : )
    ( And truthfully...they were the ones that always drove the friends around... how many teenage boys can you fit in a van?? : )

  2. We have accidents in front of our house in the old days of teenagers. Dave backed into Daren's car, Glenn drove into the laundry room, Dee's back wind shield went missing, Dad hit the tree out front of the house. Boy I miss those days. NOT!

  3. Are you being serious about the therapist or are you just being a jokester?

    So happy it was just a little fender bender!

  4. It has happened to the best of us! ;) The driving age in Norway is 18...whew! I have 2 more years to worry about it.

  5. Wow, my little sister made it 3 weeks too! :) Glad your situation is working out well, all things considered. Good luck going forward! :)