Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Target Tuesday

Can you imagine having a beautiful sheepdog? Now imagine that sheepdog with snow all over her. Now have that dog melting inside your beautiful clean home. Burst into tears because your house smells like wet dog and there are melted snow puddles all over your beautiful carpet.

That is why Mrs. Meyer's is so important to me! This is the best smelling cleaning product you will ever use in your life. It has a light pine scent, kind of like Pine-Sol but yummier. You have to buy in now during the holiday season, and buy lots of it!! It makes you want to clean!! (okay maybe that's just me, but whatever encourages a person to clean has to be good right?)
I use the Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena scented products as well. They are all excellent, the scent is delicious but not over-powering. We have discussed the bionic nose before right? Right.


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  1. In regards to dogs, cleaning, and smells.... the tears are never far away. ;) Glad you found something good! I use a french cleaner called Durance. It has a lovely lavendar smell. I'm thinking of putting it in a spritz bottle for an in between clean fake out.