Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Internet Twins...

I apologize to this family...I can't remember the website they came from. Sorry!!
Here is my Internet twin. I found her on some photography website. I have twins everywhere. I saw one in Lake Tahoe, and I have an identical twin in San Francisco. When we lived there, complete strangers would come and chat with me until I looked completely lost, then they would say, Sorry! You look EXACTLY like (whatever her name was). My friend Maria actually ran into her at a party, and thought she was me. Crazy.

This is my husband's Internet twin. Gene Kelley and my husband are identical twins. Weird!

Have you found yours?


  1. Holy Moly... you aren't kidding! That little boy even looks a little like P. Crazy. No I haven't found mine yet.

  2. have you ever seen Kelly from Kelly's Korner?? I really thought you might be her sister or something. buy y'all even have the same hairstyle!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Now I'm visiting yours!