Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to School with the G-Dub!

My niece came to visit this past week and I introduced her to my favorite store. I was so excited to tell her that the G-Dub had a half off everything sale and 99 cent jeans on Saturday. She was thrilled and then said, "Yay! What is the G-Dub?" I told her to just let me show her and luckily she was game.

She even agreed to try things for that cute dress on top in tomorrow's post
Ruffle Black Top $2.00 (with the sale) Industrial Cotton Jeans 99 cents!

The cutest $3.00 outfit ever!!
Want to see more? Watch for a new outfit each day this week!




  1. One generation teaching the next. Good Job to my girls..

  2. she is just too cute!!!! That is so neat she agreed!!!

  3. Darling outfit. My College Diva will be here this weekend for our GeeDub 50% off sale. We head to the nicest one in our area, never disappoints.

    Fantastic finds! Gorgeous model! Can't wait to see the rest of the finds.

  4. Great finds and a cute little model! My sis and I call it GW's.

  5. aww, you're teaching her a great skill! start em young ;) she's adorable and you found some nice things. i don't think i've commented on your blog before... i floated over here from apron thrift girl...

    ~ ana

  6. That's so neat that you are passing on your talents to the niece! Cute outfits!

  7. Both are adorable! She's lucky to have such a great aunt!

  8. Both my 32 and 28 year old love to thrift. The 28 year old is always having me remake her finds. She was stopped one day in school by one of the "in crowd" who wanted to know where she got her fabulous jeans. Leslie calmly replied "at a neighborhood boutique".