Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I was under a pile..

You know the book "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"? You know how it goes, you give a mouse a cookie that launches a chain of events that are unstoppable....well that is where I've been. I vowed to get this house cleaned up from top to bottom, do all of the laundry, see that it is all put away, iron and hang everything up where it belongs. And I Did It!
Here is what I was doing laundry I decided that I needed to pull out all of my Fall/Winter pj's launder them, fold them and put them all back. That prompted a closet unload, many trips to the Goodwill, lots of folding and stacking of sweaters. Did I mention I found a new cute sweater at the Goodwill and then had to find a spot for it. This mouse is exhausted! (but the closets are fabulous!)
Remember to donate to Goodwill OFTEN. You can't just bring stuff in. Stuff has to go out too! Then your husband can't refer to you as Fred Sanford.


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  1. I know that pile! It's in my upstairs hallway right now;) I am so glad I found your blogs--you are an inspiration! Thanks for commenting recently on mine as well. I am just now digging out after my big trip, and it was fun to have some new comments when I got back. Thanks!