Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Head on over!

Come visit me over at that is where I'm blogging now. I will still talk about my recovery from my closed head injury, and the craziness that it causes.....but now that I have a J-O-B blogging for Goodwill, I think 3 blogs is causing the crazies....

Case in point. I think that since my birthday is in October, January really is October. For turn another year older on your birthday right? right....okay so that is the beginning of a new year, so that would mean that for me January is really October. Do you see the problem? Good. Know how to fix the problem? Neither does anyone else.
I personally think that everyone should turn one year older on January 1 and then it would all be cleared up for me!

So what month is it again?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Find me here!

Big changes are coming!! Find me blogging at , I'm thinking about combining blogs. I started this blog to deal with my broken brain....but since it's working so much better I would rather blog about thrifting!! So come on over and see what junk has landed in my trunk! Bookmark me!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Throwing ...not Snow Blowing

I love my new snow thrower...don't tell anyone!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aunt Peaches

Do you know Aunt Peaches? No she isn't my Aunt Peaches, she is my friend Aunt Peaches...I do however have an Aunt Charlie (but I digress) .. Look at those adorable shoes she made....Oh where did she get the shoes?.....G-Dub where else?!
She mentioned me today on her blog (whhhheeeeee!) we are so tight. Go tell her how cute those shoes are....go on I'll wait here....


Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Scape

See how much nicer my "snow scape" front porch looks like with actual snow on it! We went from a brown Christmas to a snow delay this morning. Ahhhh snow! I looooove it!!!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashionable Friday

Kris at A Thrifty LA Life is doing a link up called Fabulously Thrift and Fashionable Friday. So here is my favorite Goodwill Fashion File of last year.

My friend Ellen is wearing Goodwill from Head to Toe! (I know this because I was her personal shopper!) I love it that my friends indulge my obsession with the G-Dub! The dress, faux fur collar, and shoes...dang it not in the picture....ALL from G-Dub.
Ciggie...NOT REAL....The dress I am wearing cost a whopping $2.50 on half off day. (I put the tag in again for the photo op....because I'm obsessed that's why.

I added the sash and brooches to dress it up!

Vintage Camel Coat with Fur Collar.....Goodwill in Lafayette, CO. Score!!!
Purple tag= half off.....I'm not kidding. $6.50. I am the Goodwill Whisperer.
Go to A Thrifty LA Life and check out the other Goodwill Fans out there!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WIWW The Cowboy Boot Edition

Hey! I'm going to Alt Summit....Will you be there?
These red cowboy boots are my #1 Pick for 2010

as the BEST Goodwill Purchase EVER.

White Button Down (G-Dub)

Lucky Jeans (G-Dub)

Red Cowboy Boots-(can't find a brand) (G-Dub)
*I want to wear these boots every day.

Puffy Vest -Tar-jay 2 years ago

Sweater NY&Co.

Shirt (?)

Old Navy Skinnies (G-Dub)
Boots- Perry Ellis (G-Dub)

Black T-Shirt Macy's

Brow Sweater (G-Dub)

Belt -Ann Taylor Loft -

(it cost more than the rest of the entire outfit-

Thank you to my MIL for the gift card!)

Old Navy Skinnies

Justin Black Cowboy Boots -Cowboy Shop in Steamboat Springs, CO


This is my cousin Lisa (LeeLee) she is about a foot taller than me.... and my brother David rockin the cowboy boots at my 22nd birthday party. Lisa is wearing a crochet dress with leggings and boots similar to my last picture.....but this was 22 years ago!!!! What?

*....where did she get the super long leg gene?